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Mission and vision


  • Provide the best value with personalized service to meet the customer’s needs. 
  • Work in stainless steel and aluminum to the highest quality standards.
  • Design and create top-quality products in stainless steel and aluminum for residential, commercial, industrial, and scientific purposes.





Team work

Our stainless steel experts believe in teamwork. Day in, day out, they bear witness to its importance in meeting our customers’ requirements. We encourage and value teamwork, and this approach continually pays off—proving that working together yields the best results for our customers.


First-rate service

At Del-Mar, meeting quality standards and delivery deadlines for each and every project is important to us. Our team always makes sure that our customers’ requests and requirements are strictly followed. The loyalty of our customers, both in Canada and internationally, shows how deeply rooted this value is in our company.



Stainless steel is our home turf. We have the ideas to make your projects happen, whether you’re looking to use stainless steel in combination with other materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, or brick, shape it to go with your décor, or develop an all-new product.



Quality standards are critical to project management. Den-Mar’s experts inspect products at every stage of the production process and make sure they meet the company’s quality control standards.

A bit of history

Over 30 years of dedication and know-how

In 1989, the Quebec economy was mired in a slowdown, and the company where Denis Duquet and Marcel Blondeau worked closed its doors. They decided to strike out on their own. Repairing aluminum parts with the tools they had, they started up a business that became bigger than they had ever dreamed.

Den-Mar started out with installation and repair services provided by a small team of dedicated experts. It began in a factory on Rue de l’Escarbot in Quebec City, quite near the current operation. Since 1999, Den-Mar has had its own building in the heart of Saint-Malo Industrial Park, where it continues to successfully develop its products. In time, Denis Duquet took over as the sole president and turned Den-Mar into a family company, joined by his wife and three children.

The last 25 years have been a story of uninterrupted growth for Den-Mar. The secret? Shareholders have always reinvested all profits into the company. Its corporate values—customer service, teamwork, trust, creativity, innovation, and quality—have also played a major role.

In Canada and internationally, Den-Mar products are known for quality.

Today, Den-Mar employs 45 dedicated workers, serves more than 250 customers each year, and custom-manufactures thousands of products for the individual needs of each customer. Den-Mar products are known in Canada and internationally for their outstanding quality.