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Stainless steel for laboratory

Stainless steel is durable, solid, and clean. That’s why it’s everywhere in the lab. The needs of researchers and research protocols vary, and Den-Mar can adapt its products to the most precise requests and requirements. In addition, Den-Mar processes its stainless steel and aluminum in a controlled environment to eliminate any contamination risks.

Den-Mar creates, develops, and designs

  • Animal cages (Individual, double, and quadruple dog, rodent, and primate cages as well as shipping and exercise cages)
  • Multipurpose electric trailers
  • Pens
  • Utility counters (with cabinet doors or open base)
  • Work tables (with crossbars or divider shelf)
  • Ventilation hoods
  • Laboratory furniture

Den-Mar also has

  • Custom stainless steel
  • A wide variety of products in standard versions or with available options
  • Quick- and easy-to-assemble products
  • Products designed to make life easier and prevent workplace accidents
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Some of our creations

Cages à chiens

Dog cage

Cages à oiseaux

Bird cage

Cages à rats

Rat cage

Condos à primates

Primate cage

Enclos à chiens version 2011

Dog pen, 2011 version

Enclos à chiens

Dog pen

Enclos à cochons rétractables

Retractable pig pen

Enclos à primates

Primate enclosure

Table de laboratoire

Laboratory table